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Welcome to Tranquility #11. Written by Gail Simone, art by Neil Googe, colors by Jim Charalampidis

There’s many great characters in Welcome to Tranquility.  We get great hints of their depths and they are just similar enough to some classic golden/silver age characters that we can fill in many of the pieces.  Besides, who doesn’t love the idea of a retirement community for Super Heroes? 

Of them, Mister Articulate is one of my favorites.  Killed off in the first issue, his death drives the mystery of the first six issues.  The second arc sees all the dead characters rising as zuvembies under the command of a NotDickClark!Demon called the host.  The magic heroine Sabala (the woman with the white fro) explains how these creatures work, and then Mister Articulate walks in on some of the supporting cast.  He goes on to prove his sheer force of will in these two pages.  He’s the only Zombie in the entire horde who is, well, so articulate and so like himself.  Other dead heroes can only apologize as they attack the living, or others can only get out a few sentences and fulfill one last thing that was in their hearts or on their minds. But not Mister Articulate!  He has the willpower, the drive and the class to remain himself even as an undead abomination fueled by a demon’s darkest magics. 

That’s just nifty.

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